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"Dedicated to providing fast, professional service at competitive prices!"

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Our Guarantees & Services

We strive to perform our service in a manner that is the most cost efficient, timely and accurate with minimal complications for both you and your clients. Our professionalism and quality of work make us stand out from the competition. As an added bonus, Missouri Central Title offices offer a


for those possessing prior title work, even if it is not from our underwriter, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, or an updated abstract. This added benefit will allow you an even greater savings whether in need of a new loan, or on a buy/sell transaction.

          Efficient -- We offer a 24- to 48-hour turnaround on most title orders.

          Professional -- Our knowledgeable and courteous staff share the foremost goal of serving you.

          Reliable -- Our business has been established for nearly a century with new ownership since 2001.

          Abstracts -- We keep and maintain a complete Title Plant for Daviess County, Missouri.

          Closings and Escrow -- Our experience coupled with technology provide you the very best service in real estate closings.

          Plant Records

          Research -- Our comprehensive tract books are continually updated and available for research.

          Property History -- Our staff is available for individual property searches.

          Notary -- Free notary services.

Missouri Central Title provides the most reliable and comprehensive title insurance products and services for the residential, agricultural and commercial real estate sectors.


          Title Insurance -- Our underwriters are chosen for proven fiscal strength and stability. While all title premiums are set by the Missouri State Board of Insurance, we strive for competitive pricing by eliminating additional fees.

          Mortgage Policies

          Owner's Policies

          Leasehold Mortgage Policies

          Leasehold Owner's Policies


          Insured Mortgage Foreclosure Certificates

          Foreclosure Certificates


          Owners and Encumbrance Certificate


          Real Estate Tax Searches

          Property Reports

          Last Owner Verifications

          Judgment/Lien Searches